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An In-Depth Study of Tom Hardy’s Neverending Efforts to Hide His Face

After ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Dunkirk,’ and now ‘Venom,’ the actor’s tendency to play masked characters is a well-worn joke. But does Hardy actually conceal his face more than other actors? And will he continue to do so? Finally, we have the data to answer those (and many other) questions.

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The Rookie Curve

Jonathan Tjarks makes predictions for the NBA’s 2019 rookie class based on talent and the context of their respective teams

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Sophie Could Be the Next Big Sound in Pop

The producer and artist just needs pop music to take the leap. And her work with Charli XCX and Vince Staples, a rumored collaboration with Lady Gaga could take her enigmatic, industrial sound into the mainstream.

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The 1975 Are in Their Feelings on Their Latest Singles

On "TooTimeTooTimeTooTime," Matty Healy and his band further explore the growing fear of an online planet