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Radio Row Mega-Show With Nora Princiotti and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo

Bryan is here to talk about a huge range of topics, including favorite Radio Row moments, Tom Brady as an announcer, the pressure on Tony Romo, and much more!

UFC 285: Gamrot v Turner Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

On the Final Edition, Bryan is live in Las Vegas at Radio Row ahead of the Super Bowl. He is joined by two guests! First, by The Ringer’s own Nora Princiotti, and they kick off the show by discussing their favorite Radio Row moments (1:30). They then talk about the race to defend Taylor Swift in the media (7:17); whether or not we need to make new passwords once ESPN, Warner Brothers, and FOX create their new sports network (18:30); and what type of announcer Tom Brady will be this fall (28:52).

Then, he is joined by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and they immediately get into Mad Dog’s interesting relationship with Dan Orlovsky (49:50), whether or not he has been confronted by athletes (51:34), why Tony Romo has a lot of pressure calling this year’s Super Bowl (55:10), and whether or not Mad Dog grades his radio shows (55:15).

Host: Bryan Curtis
Guests: Nora Princiotti and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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