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What the Writers Really Fear About AI in Hollywood

John Lopez joins to discuss why AI is a key issue in the entertainment industry

Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike outside the Sunset Bronson Studios The Directors Guild of America said it has reached a “historic deal” with the major studios on a new three-year film and TV contract. Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Matt is joined by John Lopez, a writer, producer, and member of the AI working group in the WGA, to explain what the guild actually thinks about AI, misperceptions about AI’s ability to write scripts, and why this will be one of the key issues in Hollywood for years to come. Matt finishes the show with a box office prediction for the opening weekend of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

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Host: Matt Belloni
Guest: John Lopez
Producers: Craig Horlbeck and Jessie Lopez
Theme Song: Devon Renaldo

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