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‘Love Island’ Season 3 Recap: Episodes 21-23

Juliet and Callie chat about their favorite friendship dynamics and where all the couples stand at this point in their Season 3 rewatch

ITV Studios

Juliet and Callie Curry return to continue their rewatch of Love Island Season 3. They chat about Sam and Chloe getting dumped off the island (1:02) and touch on their favorite friendship dynamics and favorite parts from the episodes (2:18). They also discuss the various couples and where they all stand (5:40). Callie also shares which of the cast members passed away (10:55), and they end things off by discussing the drama with Gabby and Marcel spilling the tea, Dom and Jess, and more (12:10)! Stay tuned next time for Episodes 24-29!

Hosts: Juliet Litman and Callie Curry
Producer: Jade Whaley
Theme Song: Devon Renaldo

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