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Viral Videos to Hit TV With Dave Burd

Dave Burd, also known as Lil Dicky, joins to talk about his TV show, ‘Dave,’ and its massive success as the most watched series in FX Networks history

Gata Performs at The Venice West Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Matt is joined by American rapper, comedian, and actor Dave Burd—better known by his stage name, Lil Dicky—to discuss how his show, Dave, became the most watched comedy series in the history of FX Networks, his approach to the show, his unique path to stardom, and his long-term goals in comedy. Matt finishes the show with a prediction about the opening weekend of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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Host: Matt Belloni
Guest: Dave Burd
Producer: Craig Horlbeck
Theme Song: Devon Renaldo

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