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You Catch It, I’ll Cook It

Dave and Chris talk hot-pot economics, ‘Chefs vs. Wild’ with host Kiran Jethwa, and more

Picture of hot pot soup, Him Kee Hot Pot, at Causeway Bay. 30OCT12 Photo by Warton Li/South China Morning Post via Getty Images

Chasing the thrill of a DIY meal from Nairobi to Japan to Alhambra, Dave and Chris ponder hot-pot economics, then call up Chefs vs. Wild host Kiran Jethwa for a closer look at what its contestants were up against—and at where the show might go next. Also encountered along the way: unapologetically Asian farmers markets, jalapeño cream cheese rolls, cooking a whole ostrich, watching George Clinton at the Hartford jai alai center, WC dad fails, cabbage arbitrage, not getting trampled by an elephant, the survival bubble, a big pile of delicious matsutake mushrooms, cooking over fire, diving the fjords, barbecued goat, Kenyan chapatis, and the best place to go out to eat with your kids in L.A.

Chefs vs. Wild is out now on Hulu.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Guest: Kiran Jethwa
Producer: Sasha Ashall
Additional Production: Jordan Bass and Lala Rasor

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