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The NFL Food City Playoffs: Delicious Divisional Round—AFC Edition

House and Co. discuss eats from Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Nashville

Buffalo Wings Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

It’s the second round of this gridiron gobblefest, and House and Co. are back to continue with the AFC side of the bracket. They start with bellyaches and address the concerns they heard from listeners about the first-round results before moving right into the action. They eat their way through Cincinnati chili, Buffalo wings, Kansas City BBQ, and Nashville hot chicken, moving one step closer to crowning the ultimate NFL food.

The only way to know if they got this right is to bellysource it! Find us on Twitter @HouseOfCarbs and on Instagram @TheHouseOfCarbs and let us know.

Hosts: Joe House and Craig Horlbeck
Guest: David Jacoby
Producers: Craig Horlbeck, Chelsea Stark-Jones, and Mike Wargon

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