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The Bulls in Limbo, the Terrific Season 2 of ‘The Bear,’ and a Frustrating Yankees Season With Jason Goff, Mallory Rubin, Joanna Robinson, and JackO

Bill discusses the next steps for the Chicago Bulls and the New York Yankees

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors Photo by Andrew Lahodynskyj/Getty Images

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Jason Goff to discuss the Bulls’ position in NBA no-man’s-land for the last decade, whether to tank or compete, fake offseason trades, and more (1:49). Next, Bill talks with his longtime friend and Yankees fan JackO to discuss the Yanks’ disappointing start to the season, fantasies of changes to the front office, and the state of mind of the average Yankees fan (39:57). Finally, Bill, Mallory Rubin, and Joanna Robinson discuss Season 2 of FX’s The Bear [SPOILERS] and why they love it so much (1:57:13).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guests: Jason Goff, Mallory Rubin, Joanna Robinson, and JackO
Producer: Kyle Crichton

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