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“One Trade Away” NBA Teams With Rob Mahoney, MLB Doldrums With Mike Schur

Plus, Bill’s dad offers a Boston sports update on the Celtics, Tom Brady’s retirement, and the Patriots’ future

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Rob Mahoney to discuss teams who may be “one trade away” from seriously improving their season, including the Grizzlies, Cavaliers, Celtics, Mavericks, 76ers, Hornets, and more (1:16). Then Bill talks with writer, producer, and loyal baseball fan Mike Schur about the Baseball Hall of Fame induction debates, the MLB lockout remaining unresolved as spring training approaches, Mike’s pitch on how former players mired in PED controversy can still make the Hall of Fame, and more (56:01). Finally, Bill is joined by his dad to discuss Boston sports, including the Celtics, Tom Brady’s retirement, the future of the Patriots, and more (1:26:54).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guests: Rob Mahoney, Mike Schur, Bill’s Dad
Producer: Kyle Crichton

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