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Tampa Bay’s 2020 Takeover, New Gambling Rules, the Hopeless Jets, and Mookie’s Moment With Cousin Sal

Plus: Bill and Cousin Sal guess the NFL lines for the week

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to talk about the L.A. Dodgers winning the NLCS vs. the Atlanta Braves, a Dodgers-Rays World Series, and more. Then they discuss NFL Week 6 games, including the Buccaneers rolling over the Packers, the Patriots losing to the Broncos despite Cam Newton’s return, the Titans’ overtime win vs. the Texans, the Falcons getting their first win of the season vs. the Vikings, Giants-Washington, and more, before guessing the NFL lines for Week 7. They then close out the show with Parent Corner.

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