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A Strange Spring, Starring the Sixers, ‘SNL,’ Childish Gambino, Kanye, and the NHL

Alison Herman, Katie Baker, and Lindsay Zoladz join Bill Simmons to talk about TV, music, and the NHL playoffs

Bill Simmons weighs in on Game 4 of Celtics-76ers and LeBron James’s merciless play against the Raptors (3:15). Then Bill is joined by Alison Herman to talk about SNL, its historic run, its recent seasons, and where it could go from here (21:35). Next he connects with Katie Baker to talk about the NHL playoffs, the Capitals beating the Penguins, the legacy of Alex Ovechkin, and the unlikelihood of a new expansion team taking a shot at the Stanley Cup (54:25). Finally he calls Lindsay Zoladz to discuss Donald Glover’s ascension to creative leader, Kanye West’s legacy vs. his recent behavior, and more (116:15).

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