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Nathan Fielder on Life As a Millennial, Magic, and 'Nathan for You'

Plus: Mike Lombardi talks about the NFL landscape through two weeks

2014 Variety's '10 Comics To Watch' Cocktail Photo by Pierre Roussel/Getty Images for Variety

Bill Simmons is joined by comedian Nathan Fielder to discuss the return of Nathan for You (6:00), Michael Phelps racing an animated shark (15:00), David Blaine's magic special (18:00), how to talk about the Spurs (32:00), living life as the original millennial (38:00), developing YouTube videos (48:00), and growing up with Seth Rogen (58:00). Then, The Ringer's Mike Lombardi joins to give his thoughts on Sean Payton's sloppy start (1:09:00), the Falcons' impressive start (1:18:00), and Malcolm Butler trade ideas (1:30:00).