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Koosanity, Daniel Snyder, Best Bacon, and Gronk Panic

Bill Simmons talks with David Chang, Joe House, and his dad about the hot topics from NFL Week 1

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Bill Simmons is joined by renowned restaurateur David Chang and fellow DMV native Joe House to discuss the struggles of the Washington professional football team (12:00), Dan Snyder's dysfunctional stadium setup (18:00), the best kinds of bacon (24:00), the best salads to pair with bacon (30:00), food at last weekend's U.S. Open (33:00), and hotdogs as the next food frontier (44:10). Then, Bill's dad calls in to address the state of the Boston sports scene (53:30), the problems with the Pats (1:01:00), and belief in Brady and Belichick (1:12:00).