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Guess the Lines Week 8 With Cousin Sal

Sal is back to talk the NFC wild-card contenders and this year’s World Series matchup

Washington Redskin Jamison Crowder runs after catching a pass against the San Fransisco 49ers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the fallacy of the home-field advantage this season (6:00), Cam Newton’s poor play in Chicago (14:00), Joe Thomas’s snap streak coming to an end (22:00), Dolphins-Ravens (28:00), the wild-card contenders in the NFC (33:00), 49ers-Eagles (36:00), Bears-Saints (41:00), Texans-Seahawks (46:00), Broncos-Chiefs (52:00), the World Series matchup (56:00), and another edition of “Parent Corner” (1:06:00).

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