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Ringer Food

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The NFL Food-City Playoffs: Delicious Divisional Round - NFC Edition

Joe, Craig, and Mallory Rubin pit San Francisco’s bread bowl with clam chowder against the classic Philly cheesesteak, and the L.A. taco faces off with Green Bay brats and cheese curds

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Monkeys High on Sugar, Potato Chips Made From NFL Dirt, and Tasting Kimino Sparkling Water

Plus, Juliet and David discuss Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s food order on a recent date

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The NFL Food City Playoffs: Delicious Divisional Round—AFC Edition

House and Co. discuss eats from Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Nashville

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The NFL Food City Playoffs: Wild-Belly Weekend – AFC Edition

House and Co. narrow the field from seven to four in the Gridiron Gobblefest

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Breaking Down Joe Judge’s Pizza and Beer Order and Tasting KFC’s Plant-Based Nuggets

Juliet and Jacoby also talk about French dressing losing its legal definition and react to Lizzo putting mustard on her Oreos

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Introducing Ringer Food

Juliet Litman and David Jacoby discuss the latest in the culinary world on ‘Food News’ and Joe House breaks down tasty dishes on ‘House of Carbs’