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The NFL’s Racial Progress Has Been Slow and Incomplete. What Needs to Change?

In the conclusion to ‘Blackballed,’ we look at the evolution of race in pro football and ask: How can the league fix the systemic issues that have plagued it for nearly a century?

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Cheap Shots, Death Threats, and Shortened Careers: The Toll Integration Took on the Forgotten Four

In Episode 3 of ‘Blackballed,’ we look at the challenges faced by the men who integrated pro football once they stepped onto the field

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How Black Journalists Forced the NFL’s Hand on Integration

In Episode 2 of our new audio documentary ‘Blackballed,’ we look at the four men who reintegrated the NFL, starting with two larger-than-life figures in Los Angeles

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The Dark History of the NFL’s Original Racial Sins

In an excerpt from our new audio documentary series ‘Blackballed,’ hosts Chelsea Stark-Jones and Lex Pryor explore the rumored gentlemen’s agreement that segregated the league in the 1930s

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Introducing ‘Blackballed’

‘Blackballed,’ a new podcast, covers Kenny Washington, Woody Strode, Bill Willis, and Marion Motley, who reintegrated professional football in 1946. The burying of their story, and the secret ban on Black players that came before, is a critical piece of the history of the NFL’s complicated relationship with race.