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DC Comics’ ‘Heroes in Crisis’ Explores the Mental Health of Superheroes

Writer Tom King weaves a tense whodunnit into a sometimes controversial plotline that examines the psychological turmoil beneath the costume, from PTSD to addiction

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Before ‘Lemonade,’ Before Fatherhood, Jay-Z Tried to Crush the Youth With “D.O.A.”

Nearly 10 years since the Auto-Tune-targeting track, Jay’s career has taken on many forms. It took that long for him to learn how to age gracefully in hip-hop.

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‘Daredevil’ Wants to Be the First Progressive Comic Book TV Show. Is That Even Possible?

Marvel’s longest-running Netflix series evolved in its third season. But it isn’t as easy for a show to reflect the world’s constantly evolving politics as it would like.

How Frat Rap Became the Biggest Business—and the Biggest Diss—in Hip-Hop

From Post Malone to Lil Dicky, a bro wave has crashed the shores of rap. But not every white rapper is comfortable with the idea. And maybe it needs to go altogether.