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Brian Cashman and the Yankees Whiffed on Starting Pitching at the Deadline—Again. Plus: the Giants Stand Pat.

The Ringer’s Claire McNear and Sean Yoo join the show to talk about the Giants, trades, the Yankees starting rotation, the Astros, and more

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Red Sox–Yankees ALDS Recap With Bill Simmons and JackO

The Ringer CEO gleefully calls up his buddy, a Yankees fan

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The World Series One-ups Itself and Shea Serrano

Game 5 was an instant classic and Clayton Kershaw’s postseason malaise returns at the worst possible time for the Dodgers

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The ‘Star Trek’ Baseball Episode Is a Timeless Look at a Timeless Sport

Writer Ira Steven Behr joins the ‘MLB Show’ to discuss "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"

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The Dodgers Can’t Stop Losing for a Simple Reason

The best team in baseball has lost 10 in a row. Both the pitching and hitting are to blame.

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Pod: Should Athletes Be Wearing Continuous Biometric Monitors?

NFL tackle Mitchell Schwartz discussed his experiences with such devices

LaTroy Hawkins on MLB’s Shifting Demographics

African American representation in baseball has been on the decline for years, and the former pitcher shared his thoughts and experiences

Ozzie Smith on How Baseball Has Changed and Stayed the Same Since He Played

Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith joined Michael Baumann and Ben Lindbergh to discuss the game at length

Tips From Baseball’s Newest Fireman on How to Thrive in an Evolving Bullpen Era

The Astros’ Chris Devenski shares what he’s learned as he enters his second year in the major leagues

Which Current MLB Trends Are Here to Stay?

Michael Baumann and Ben Lindbergh took a close look at the first few days of play