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Patrick Mahomes Is No Longer Just a Phenom. He’s the GOAT in the Making.

What Mahomes has accomplished since entering the NFL is without precedent. He’s already ascended to the apex of his sport on both an individual and team level. The all-time pantheon is next.

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Kansas City Sports Fandom Has Achieved Nirvana

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion less than five years after the Royals won the World Series in a similar way. A lifetime of fan-base dreaming has been fulfilled—and the future is suddenly boundless.

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The Forever Cycle of Chiefs Fandom Has Been Broken

Kansas City is about to play in the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. This is more than just a breakthrough for a long-suffering franchise. It’s the culmination of a journey that defines an entire fan base.

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Faith, Fear, and Fandom in the Time of Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs QB was the story of last season. A year later, he’s finding his way after an injury scare. For Kansas City fans, Mahomes’s 2019 has been thrilling and terrifying—and a reminder of what happens when sports become spiritual.

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The Untold Misery of the Chiefs’ Postseason Kicking Woes

When Kansas City takes the field this Saturday against Indianapolis, it’ll do so with the NFL’s most prolific offense and most exciting young passer. But the Chiefs will also be playing with the weight of nearly five decades’ worth of missed field goals, botched fakes, and close playoff losses.

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The Transformative Power of Patrick Mahomes II

Kansas City’s rocket-armed passer has emerged as a prolific talent, an MVP favorite, and the story of the 2018 NFL season. To Chiefs fans, he’s something more: the Quarterback That Was Promised.

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How the White Sox Are Trying to Perfect Tanking

The South Siders haven’t merely embraced the rebuilding methods that led the Cubs and Astros to World Series glory. They’ve taken the modern baseball tank to the extreme—and it looks like it’s going to work.

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The Next Battle in the War Over WAR

WAR has caught on with the masses in a way that no other sabermetric stat has. But as the recent debate about the MVP race between Aaron Judge and José Altuve revealed, we can’t fully move forward with the stat until we agree on what it’s meant to do.

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Our In-House Dermatologist on the Cringeworthy ‘Game of Thrones’ Greyscale Surgery Scene

Sam’s #NotEvenAMaester, but his enterprising work on Jorah shocked and awed

Obama’s Biggest Mistake

Many believe the devastation in Syria is the worst blemish on the outgoing president’s record. A Syrian American reflects on Barack Obama’s decision not to act, and explains how it contributed to the country’s descent into chaos, permanently tarnishing his legacy.