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Kristen vs. James: The Most Villainous Moments From Episode 2 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 7

Two people are responsible for all of the cruel acts perpetrated in the second installment of the Bravo series—but which character was worse?

How Photo Booths Became a Thriving Business

Savvy entrepreneurs have revived the century-old nostalgia machine and made it a party staple

The Most Villainous Moments From the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 7 Premiere, Ranked

Jax Taylor may be the reigning antagonist of the Bravo reality series, but the new season brings challengers to his throne

Whistleblowers Are the Agents of Change in the Tech Industry

From walkouts and protest letters at Google to demonstrations at Amazon and internal memos at Facebook, tech companies are increasingly being held accountable not by users or government regulations but by their exasperated and disillusioned workforce

How to Wean Yourself Off Amazon This Holiday Shopping Season

Disagree with the power moves of Jeff Bezos’s retail monster? There are other e-commerce options that don’t come with smiling cardboard boxes.

Impulse-Buying: How Technology Is Making It Easier Than Ever to Spend Money

As household debt rises, so too are online innovations that aim to turn your wants and needs into stuff with minimal interruption. So how can we bring mindfulness back to buyer psychology?

How Aura Photography Invaded Instagram

The colorful portraits that purport to reveal the energies of their subjects have migrated from hippie bookstores to your Explore tab. Is the trend just another internet fad or does it have any basis in science?

Caption Goals: How Instagram Spawned a Cottage Industry Around Words

As the quest for likes and followers on IG has intensified, so too has the demand for funnier, punnier captions, creating a crowded new market selling cleverness

Will Mindful Technology Save Us From Our Phones—and Ourselves?

At what point does the cycle of new products and upgrades reach the point of diminishing returns? A minimalist tech movement is gaining steam, but not without a cost.

Phishing for Users? Facebook’s One Click Login Tool Goes Against Best Security Practices.

Haven’t logged into the social network for a while? You may get an unsolicited email offering an easy way back in—a method that experts say is riddled with risks.

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