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Kliegman writes about the ways social issues, especially mental health, intersect with sports and pop culture.

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What’s Next for the USWNT and Their Equal Pay Lawsuit?

One month after the U.S. women’s World Cup win, their legal battle over the gender pay gap is in mediation. With the domestic league posting record attendances, how close are we to a turning point for the women’s game?

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What’s Next for the USWNT and Women’s Soccer?

The Ringer FC crew and guests discuss what the team’s future looks like after their win, the best moments from the World Cup, and USMNT’s Gold Cup loss

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The USWNT Beat France Emergency Pod

Shaker Samman and Julie Kliegman join to talk about the U.S.’s quarterfinal victory and the MVP that is Megan Rapinoe

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Nothing and Everything Has Changed for the USWNT

Twenty years after Brandi Chastain and the ’99 squad lifted the World Cup trophy, the women’s team has grown more famous and successful than their male counterparts—yet their battle for equal pay continues

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Marc Summers and the Never-ending Obstacle Course

A beacon of nostalgia, the host of the euphoric late-’80s kids game show ‘Double Dare’ is back with Nickelodeon for a 2019 reboot—but the intervening years haven’t been as easy as his famously sunny demeanor would suggest

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The State of Mental Health Care in the NBA

Stars like DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love speaking out on their personal experiences has helped drive forward the conversation around depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses in the NBA. But experts say there’s still work to be done to abolish stigmas and ensure proper treatment.

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College Athletes Are Only Starting to Get Access to the Mental Health Care They Need

Over the past few years, destigmatizing and treating mental illness among NCAA athletes has become a national priority—but there’s still a long way to go

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NBA League Hack Week

Humble suggestions for making the NBA even greater

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The New Era of Suicide Prevention

How social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr are focusing their efforts to sophisticate their warning systems and provide help to users experiencing suicidal thoughts

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The Future of Abortion on TV

TV shows are giving sharper, stronger depictions of characters choosing to have abortions than ever before. We spoke to showrunners about the shift — and what might change under Trump.