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Exes Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Can’t Fight That Loving Feeling

Our favorite “huh?” couple broke up a month ago, but that hasn’t kept them from relentlessly praising each other. As we mourn their split, let’s rank their never-ending string of compliments.

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Gina Prince-Bythewood Has a Story for You

The director of ‘Love & Basketball’ and ‘Beyond the Lights’ is back with a new show on Fox — and a vision of Hollywood that makes black lives and love more visible

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Power-ranking Rachel’s First Four Suitors on ‘The Bachelorette’

If ABC is going to reveal these guys early, you know we’re going to judge them

‘Missing Richard Simmons’ Will Still Go On

The podcast’s creator speaks about the show and the possibility that its subject may not be missing after all

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The Winners and Losers of Emma Watson’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Press Tour

Lip bleaching is having a great month; Céline Dion deserves more respect

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In Defense of the Cheap Cry

The hit show ‘This Is Us’ proves there is a market for emotional manipulation. Why can’t we admit that it is entertaining, too?

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Does This TV Character Need to Be Hot?

2017 is full of sexy television retellings — a sexy Archie, a sexy Scarecrow, and even a sexy Jack the Ripper. So how much of this hotness is necessary? An investigation.

How Domino’s Became the Pizza for the People

The chain tweaked its recipe and worked its way back into customers’ hearts to create an army of devoted fans

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‘Get Out’ and the Villain Next Door

The horror film’s final reveal is perfect — because it’s so deeply, terrifyingly familiar

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Yuppie Investigative Unit: Who Died on ‘Big Little Lies’?

Parsing the clues in the first episode