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Did ‘Girls’ Stick the Landing?

Amanda Dobbins joins the pod to talk about the media environment at the time when the show aired, Lena Dunham’s self-awareness, and how the show ended with intent


Andy Greenwald is joined by Amanda Dobbins to discuss “Latching,” the series finale of Girls. They start by providing context on the media environment at the time when the HBO comedy series premiered and how it was a bridge between the eras of network television and prestige cable TV (10:57). Along the way, they discuss what the show originally set out to do, the benefits (and drawbacks) of creator Lena Dunham’s unparalleled self-awareness, and how Girls ended its six-season run with intent (27:03). Finally, they answer the titular question: “Did it stick the landing?” (77:14).

Host: Andy Greenwald
Guest: Amanda Dobbins
Producers: Kaya McMullen and Kai Grady
Theme Song and Other Music Credits: Giancarlo Vulcano

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