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What’s Up Thursday: Bachelor, Daisy’s Lyme Disease, Lauren’s Cake-tastrophe, Jason Tartick’s Book, and More Reality TV

Juliet, of course, goes over what’s up in Bachelor Nation and on ‘Bachelor’ Reddit, ‘Traitors,’ ‘Love Is Blind,’ and more

The Netflix Cup Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Netflix © 2023

Juliet is back with What’s Up Thursday, where she goes over what’s up in Bachelor Nation, on Bachelor Reddit, and in the broader world of reality TV. This week, Juliet discusses Daisy’s Lyme disease, Lauren’s cake moment, and Jason Tartick’s new book. She also discusses Bachelor Reddit comments, and other reality shows including Traitors, Love Is Blind, and Love Island All-Stars.

Host: Juliet Litman
Producer: Jade Whaley
Theme Song: Devon Renaldo

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