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Lamar Fools the NFL, Week 18 Preview, and NBA Trade Market

Plus, talk of Matt Patricia’s place with the Eagles, Tepper’s tantrum, De’Aaron Fox’s shooting, and more

Tate Frazier hosts Nora Princiotti to preview the biggest matchups in the final week of the NFL season, break down how Lamar Jackson’s MVP season has made the league look like fools for not trying to trade for him, why the Eagles haven’t fired Matt Patricia yet, and whether the fine was enough of a penalty for Tepper’s tantrum. Plus, Michael Pina on the Thunder’s case as contenders, how De’Aaron Fox’s shooting has elevated the Kings this season, and evaluating the NBA trade market.

Host: Tate Frazier
Guests: Nora Princiotti and Michael Pina
Producer: Tucker Tashjian

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