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The Rodgers-McAfee Debacle and the Barry Sanders Doc With Slate’s Joel Anderson

Plus, how debates became politics’ in-season tournament

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

For the Press Box: Final Edition, Bryan is joined by Joel Anderson of Slate. They discuss Aaron Rodgers’s comments about Jimmy Kimmel and Pat McAfee’s response (1:44). Then, Joel shares a story of being called into the office for a tweet he liked during his time at ESPN (25:51). They discuss many memes in college football and how the national championship game may be the all-time nobody-believed-in-us game (30:04). Later, they talk about how debates have become politics’ in-season tournament (40:51). Lastly, they close with Bryan’s new rules for sports documentaries after watching the new Barry Sanders documentary (43:43).

Host: Bryan Curtis
Guest: Joel Anderson
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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