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Did ‘Friday Night Lights’ Stick the Landing?

For the first episode, Andy and Mallory dive into “Always” to talk about the criticisms it faced, its legacy, and how it has aged


Andy Greenwald is joined by Mallory Rubin to discuss “Always,” the series finale of Friday Night Lights. They open by setting the scene, providing background info on the show itself, and contextualizing the TV landscape that it was released in (3:43). Next, they discuss the stakes of, instant reactions to, and various criticisms of the final episode (25:33). Along the way, the two talk about the finale’s legacy and how it’s aged for them personally (80:39). Finally, they answer the titular question: “Did it stick the landing?” (97:41).

Host: Andy Greenwald
Guest: Mallory Rubin
Producers: Kaya McMullen and Kai Grady
Theme Song and Other Music Credits: Giancarlo Vulcano

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