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‘Fargo’ Season 5 Finale Recap With Noah Hawley

The ‘Fargo’ creator and showrunner joins the pod to talk about this season’s themes, how he creates likable characters, and more!


Jo and Rob break down the Fargo Season 5 finale. They discuss their personal feelings on the final episode, how the characters of Indira Olmstead and Witt Farr fall flat in the end, and the conclusion to Gator’s redemption arc. Along the way, they briefly talk about the intense prison scene between Lorraine and Roy. Later, they’re joined by the creator and showrunner of Fargo, Noah Hawley, to talk about how this season grapples with the symptoms of a divided America, the final confrontation between Dot and Ole Munch, how he goes about creating likable family characters, Witt Farr’s demise, and much more.

Hosts: Joanna Robinson and Rob Mahoney
Guest: Noah Hawley
Producer: Kai Grady

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