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Introducing ‘Stick the Landing’

A new Ringer podcast has arrived! Andy Greenwald will be joined by a guest each week to look back on iconic TV finales and determine whether they stuck the landing.

Ringer illustration

Did Don Draper really buy the world a Coke? Did Tony Soprano really die (or just order more onion rings)? Were those guys really in hell the whole time—or was that just the audience?

Hosted by Andy Greenwald, Stick the Landing is a new podcast that revisits iconic season finales from the past to see what they might tell us about our TV-watching future. Each episode will feature a different guest to revisit finales from shows such as Friday Night Lights, Freaks and Geeks, and The Office and ask a central question: Did it stick the landing?

Starting January 17, find Stick the Landing on Wednesdays on the Prestige TV feed.

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