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Death, Taxes, and the Pats’ Beating of the Jets. Plus, Connor Rogers on How the Jets Could Salvage the Season.

JJ also discusses Aaron Judge’s comments about how the Yankees can improve

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

(1:05) — JETS: The Jets lose their 15th straight to the Patriots, and Zach Wilson still hasn’t improved.
(14:02) — YANKEES: Aaron Judge makes comments on how the Yankees can improve next season.
(18:25) — CALLS: Callers talk Jets.
(35:32) — CONNOR ROGERS: SNY’s Connor Rogers returns to discuss the Jets’ loss to the Patriots, how they can improve at quarterback, and whether the locker room is fractured.
(62:10) — TRIVIA: JJ returns to test his trivia skills.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Connor Rogers
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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