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NFL Power Rankings, Hot Seats, Puka Nacua, and Bears Drama

Plus, how often NFL coaches think about the Roman Empire, and debunking Aaron Rodgers’s recovery

Tate Frazier hosts Nora Princiotti to break down The Ringer’s NFL power rankings for Week 3, which coaches are on the hot seats, what winless team needs to start panicking, and which undefeated team is a phony. Then, Nora debunks Aaron Rodgers’s “miracle recovery.” Plus, how often do NFL coaches think about the Roman Empire? (Not as much as Tate!) Later, Ben Solak dives deep into what has made Puka Nacua successful and what’s wrong with Justin Fields and the Bears, before analyzing teams’ offensive efficiency ratings.

Host: Tate Frazier
Guests: Nora Princiotti and Ben Solak
Producers: Tucker Tashjian and Richie Bozek

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