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An NFL Media Lawsuit, Jann Wenner’s Meltdown, and ABC for Sale!

Bryan and David also discuss this new version of ‘Meet the Press’

Authors Night 2023 With East Hampton Library Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for East Hampton Library

Bryan and David discuss Jann Wenner’s meltdown involving his promo tour interview with The New York Times for his new book (0:35). They touch on the news about former NFL reporter Jim Trotter’s lawsuit that accuses the league of racial discrimination (7:42), before reflecting on a collective of sportswriters from different organizations leaving their jobs and assembling their own sports pages (14:42). Later, they listen to some NFL moments from the weekend (22:58), discuss the news that ABC is for sale, and review this new version of Meet the Press. Plus, the Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week and David Shoemaker Guesses the Strained-Pun Headline.

Hosts: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker
Producer: Erika Cervantes

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