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Grilling Dos and Don’ts, Plus the Next Great Burger Invention

Dave, Chris, and Euno Lee discuss why burgers are not the ideal grilling food, the dawning of a new age for hamburgers, and more

DENVER BEER CO LOWRY TAPROOM Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Summer is upon us! Dave, Chris, and Euno take a deep dive into optimal grilling foods and argue why hamburgers don’t make the list. They stay focused on the hamburger as they discuss optimal burger toppings. Plus, an interesting note from Chris about how a burger should feel as you eat it (note: pay attention to the bread!). The episode then turns to the next big thing in hamburgers—a simple but genius solution that will mark the dawning of a new age for hamburgers.

Host: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Guest: Euno Lee
Producer: Victoria Valencia, Cory McConnell, Gabi Marler, and Euno Lee

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