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‘Thru The Ringer’ Premiere With Tate Frazier, Wosny Lambre, Kevin O’Connor, and Nora Princiotti!

In the first episode of ‘Thru The Ringer,’ host Tate Frazier is joined by a number of Ringer guests to talk the NBA MVP, the NBA playoffs, NFL free agency, and more

Tate Frazier hosts Wosny Lambre and Kevin O’Connor to discuss who the real NBA MVP is. They talk about the biggest surprises this season, X factors heading into the playoffs, and favorite potential playoff matchups and preview the NBA draft. Then, Nora Princiotti joins Tate to discuss the latest on NFL free agency, including Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, and Odell Beckham Jr. Plus, there’s no way that Tom Brady will return next season ... right?!

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Host: Tate Frazier
Guests: Wosny Lambre, Kevin O’Connor, and Nora Princiotti
Producers: Danny Corrales, Tucker Tashjian, and Conor Nevins