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Baseball, Culinary Battleship, and Consumer Product Goods

Plus, a new segment: Price Fixing With Euno Lee!

Hal “Hal the Hot Dog Guy” Gordon Jane Tyska/Digital First Media/East Bay Times via Getty Images

Dave and Chris deliver a very special episode as they are joined by Momofuku CEO Marguerite Mariscal and Siddhi Capital cofounder Melissa Facchina to talk about consumer product goods and to take an in-depth look at the finance aspect of working in the food industry. Before that discussion, they introduce a new segment—a game called Price Fixing With Euno Lee. For this game, Dave and Chris take turns guessing the cost of menu items at different restaurants listed by Euno. Also included in this episode is a discussion about the evolution of baseball, and the lack of evolution with food that you can buy at a baseball game.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Guests: Marguerite Mariscal, Melissa Facchina, and Euno Lee
Producers: Cory McConnell, Victoria Valencia, and Gabi Marler

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