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The 2016 Election Is Back

Plus, Masters TV notes and how everything became a “cult classic”

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Bryan and David start the pod by reacting to the media’s coverage of last night’s episode of Succession (00:31). After, they discuss whether the 2024 presidential election is mirroring the election in 2016 and Al Roker asking President Joe Biden whether he’ll run in 2024 (08:07). They also debate whether bringing back the political debate show Crossfire would work today (17:30). Later, they give their Masters TV scorecard and ask: How did every movie end up becoming a cult classic (30:43)? Plus, the Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week and David Shoemaker Guesses the Strained-Pun Headline.

Hosts: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker
Producer: Eduardo Ocampo

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