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‘Succession’ Season 4 Episode 2 Precap

Chris and Wos discuss Roman’s evolution and Tom’s potential as they look ahead to the next episode of ‘Succession’


Chris and Wos get together to celebrate the new season of HBO’s Succession and share their reactions to its eventful first episode. They begin by examining the impressive attention to detail within their favorite scenes, the individual acting performances, and the wardrobe. Next they assess the state of each of the primary characters, discuss the evolution of Roman throughout the series, and single out Tom as the X factor going down the stretch (18:20). They end the pod by talking about the effectiveness of ending the show after only four seasons and debating the viability of the big streaming services going forward (27:44).

Hosts: Chris Ryan and Wosny Lambre
Producers: Isaiah Blakely and Chris Sutton

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