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Chad Finn on the WEEI Controversy, and Pete Abraham on Yoshida Hype. Plus, All In on Lamar Jackson!

Brian also touches on Tom Brady’s media future and Finn’s new book about the Red Sox

World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Mexico v Japan Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Brian kicks off the pod by explaining why the Pats should sign Lamar Jackson (0:30). He then discusses the latest controversy at WEEI with the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn. They also touch on Tom Brady’s media future and Chad’s new book, The Boston Globe Story of the Red Sox: More Than a Century of Championships, Challenges, and Characters (12:00). Brian also chats with the Globe’s Pete Abraham about the World Baseball Classic and Masataka Yoshida’s strong tournament, some of the other new faces on the Red Sox, and what to expect from the Red Sox pitching staff (39:00).

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Host: Brian Barrett
Guests: Chad Finn and Pete Abraham
Producer: Jamie McClellan
Additional Production Supervision: Steve Ceruti

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