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Counter Pressed’s Big Day Out, the Magic of the Cup, and Jodie Taylor

The crew also discusses some slightly less enthralling ties over the weekend

Arsenal Women Training Session Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Flo Lloyd-Hughes is joined by Gilly Flaherty, Jessy Parker Humphreys, and Becky Taylor-Gill to discuss the Women’s FA Cup quarterfinals (26:37). There was a big CP day out in Lewes (04:29) and some slightly less enthralling ties elsewhere. Plus they reflect on the big news that Jodie Taylor has returned to Arsenal (43:54).

Host: Flo Lloyd-Hughes
Guests: Gilly Flaherty, Jessy Parker Humphreys and Becky Taylor-Gill
Producer: Becky Taylor-Gill
Additional Production: Jonathan Fisher

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