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Impactful Bears Signings and Falling Out of Love With College Basketball

Jason breaks down what Tremaine Edmunds and T.J. Edwards will add to the Bears defense

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason reacts to the Bears’ free agent signings, specifically looking at the potential impacts of T. J. Edwards and Tremaine Edmunds (07:04). Next, Matt Parrino of joins the show to discuss why the Bills let a player like Edmunds walk and how he’ll fare in Chicago (21:15). Also, Jason admits he’s mad at himself for not mentioning anything about Selection Sunday and dives into his love for college basketball as a child and how his relationship with the sport has changed since the pandemic (31:43).

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Matt Parrino
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Jessie Lopez, and Tony Gill

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