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“Average Name, Below-Average Game”

Jason discusses how the Bulls have looked lately, has a White Sox therapy session, and previews Bears-Falcons

Indiana Pacers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason starts off by discussing the Bulls’ 120-104 loss against the Indiana Pacers. He talks about why the Bulls miss Nikola Vucevic, why the loss is a good thing for the health of the Bulls organization, and why it’s important for the team to be held to a high standard. Following that discussion, Jason welcomes CHGO’s Herb Lawrence for a White Sox therapy session. The two dive into the temperature of the fan base, where the fork in the road moment for this team was, how the Sox can get the fan base back, and the departure of Jason Benetti. To wrap, Jason digs into Bears-Falcons and why he believes this is the nadir of Justin Fields’ Bears tenure.

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Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Herb Lawrence
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Tony Gill, Chris Sutton, and Kyle Williams

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