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The DeVito Magic Continues, and Connor Rogers Talks the Jets’ Black Friday Disaster

Plus, JJ recaps the Knicks’ impressive comeback win against the Heat on Friday

New England Patriots v New York Giants Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

(0:55) — JETS: The Jets drop their fourth consecutive game and stray further from the AFC playoff picture following their 34-13 loss to the Dolphins on Black Friday.
(9:51) — GIANTS: The Giants win their second straight game as they beat the Patriots 10-7, but do they want to lose their draft positioning with these wins?
(15:04) — KNICKS: The Knicks climb back from 21 points down to get a chance to advance in the in-season tournament with their win over the Heat on Friday, and they lose a nail-biter against the Suns on Sunday.
(18:34) — CALLS: Callers talk Giants, Jets, and Knicks.
(33:04) — CONNOR ROGERS: SNY’s Connor Rogers returns to discuss how the Jets season fell apart, what they could do to avoid this next season, and Aaron Rodgers’s potential return.
(56:15) — TRIVIA: JJ returns to test his trivia skills.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Connor Rogers
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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