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Philly’s OT Win, Pats Fall to the Giants, Bulls’ Rough Start, and Bears ‘MNF’ Preview

Plus, talking about the New York Knicks’ win over the Miami Heat

Sheil and Ben react to the Eagles’ OT win over the Bills. Brian Barrett and James White break down how dire the Patriots’ quarterback situation is after Mac Jones was benched again in their loss to the Giants. JJ discusses the Giants’ costly win, expectations for Aaron Rodgers, and the Knicks’ win over Miami before taking some calls from the listeners. Plus, Jason Goff reacts to the Bulls’ rough start and previews the Bears’ MNF matchup vs. the Vikings.

Hosts: Sheil Kapadia, Ben Solak, John Jastremski, Brian Barrett, and Jason Goff
Guest: James White
Producers: Stefan Anderson, Steve Ceruti, Clifford Augustin, Kyle Williams, Jamie McClellan, and Tucker Tashjian

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