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Bears Collapse, Giants’ Bittersweet Win, End of the Zach Wilson Era, and an Eagles-Chiefs Preview

The ‘Local Angle’ crew covers Justin Fields, Tommy DeVito, Zach Wilson, and much more from NFL Week 11

Jason Goff reacts to Justin Fields’s return and the Bears’ collapse against Jared Goff and the Lions. John Jastremski breaks down the Jets’ loss to the Bills, whether this is the end of the Zach Wilson era, and the cost of Tommy DeVito’s big win for the Giants. Then, Brian Barrett and James White discuss how the Patriots have failed to support Mac Jones, and compare his career to those of his peers around the league. Plus, Sheil Kapadia and EJ Smith preview the Super Bowl rematch between the Eagles and Chiefs on MNF.

Hosts: Jason Goff, John Jastremski, Brian Barrett, and Sheil Kapadia
Guests: James White and EJ Smith
Producers: Stefan Anderson, Steve Ceruti, Kyle Williams, Jamie McClellan, and Tucker Tashjian

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