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Easy Dishes to Make at Home, the Power of Broth, and the Mind of a Home Cook

Plus, Dave weighs in with his thoughts on Japanese vs. Scottish whiskey

Dave checks the mailbag from the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Questions include how to do one’s honeymoon in Europe (and the best places to visit in late spring), the one condiment he would choose for the rest of his life (if it couldn’t be Momofuku chili crunch), and his take on Japanese vs. Scottish whiskey.

A listener asks if anything like Lucky Peach exists in today’s food media environment, and Dave ruminates on whether it would actually work given the way media has evolved.

The episode rounds out as Dave is asked about easy dishes to make at home; the question provokes another discussion on how Dave thinks about making food at the studio. Dave goes into detail about his deductive process, including the factors he considers to inform his decisions.

Hosts: Dave Chang and Chris Ying
Guest: Euno Lee
Producers: Victoria Valencia and Euno Lee

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