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“Stop Sending Basketball Texts at 2 in the Morning”

Jason discusses the Chicago Bulls’ latest meltdown and why it’s best for both sides for the Zach LaVine era to end

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Full Go returns as Jason starts off with some Bulls talk. Jason discusses the team’s latest meltdown on Wednesday against the Magic. He also shares why it’s best for both sides for the Zach LaVine era to end (1:19). Then, Jason welcomes former NBA player and Chicagoan Evan Turner from the Point Forward podcast. The two talk about Evan competing against Derrick Rose in high school, why he chose Ohio State, and his thoughts on what the Bulls should do going forward (29:11). After that, Jason welcomes ESPN’s Eric Woodyard to the podcast to preview Lions-Bears. The two get into how the Lions have dealt with success, why Jared Goff has been so good this season, and what makes offensive coordinator Ben Johnson special (66:13). Following that conversation, Jason gives his prediction for Sunday’s game. He gets into his expectation for Justin Fields’s return, and why he’s excited to finally watch a competent offense again (1:1005).

Host: Jason Goff
Guests: Evan Turner and Eric Woodyard
Producers: Steve Ceruti, Tony Gill, Chris Sutton, and Kyle Williams

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