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The Patriots’ Season Comes to an End. Was It a Failure?

Brian recaps New England’s loss to Buffalo and their elimination from the playoffs

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Brian recaps the Pats’ loss to the Bills, which eliminated them from the playoffs, and reflects on the season as a whole (0:15). Then, he chats with three-time Super Bowl champ James White about the game, how the Pats can improve in the offseason on both sides of the ball, Tom Brady’s playoff mentality, and more (22:30). Finally, Brian answers some listener calls about the Pats and offers up a few nuggets about the Celtics’ win over the Spurs on Saturday night (46:15).

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Host: Brian Barrett
Guest: James White
Producer: Jamie McClellan
Additional Production Supervision: Steve Ceruti

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