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Debating Ngannou’s Decision and Possible Landing Spots. Plus, a Look Ahead to Jon Jones’s Return!

Petesy and Chuck are also joined by Ariel, who calls in to lay down a 10-7 on Ant Evans

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In a special bonus episode, Petesy and Chuck are here to weigh in on Francis Ngannou’s decision to leave the UFC. Was it the right call? Where will he land? Who will he fight next? How will we look back on this decision, and what will Ngannou’s legacy ultimately be? The guys answer all these questions before paving the way for TST to lend his controversial opinion (17:10) and for Ariel to call in and lay down a 10-7 on Ant Evans (33:06). The guys also discuss how Jon Jones might look in his heavyweight debut (1:01:52) before they take calls from the best fan base in all of MMA.

Next episode: Tomorrow is the UFC 283 weigh-ins! The show begins at 7 a.m. ET. For the best listener experience, listen live on the Spotify Live app. Otherwise, follow ’The Ringer MMA Show’ exclusively on Spotify so that you can listen live as the fighters step to the scales.

Hosts: Petesy Carroll, Chuck Mindenhall
Producer: Troy Farkas

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