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Jennifer Coolidge’s Globes Speech, Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram Followers, and Austin Butler’s Accent (Still)

Plus, this week’s “Jenn-uary” Cringe Mode, ‘The Break Up’ starring Jennifer Aniston

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Jennifer Coolidge of course gave an iconic speech when she won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress in a TV series (1:00). Alec Baldwin really wanted to get his wife Hilaria Baldwin to 1 million Instagram followers for her birthday (13:54). This week’s “Jenn-uary” Cringe Mode is The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston (22:04). And seriously, how long is Austin Butler going to keep speaking like Elvis (37:12)?

Hosts: Liz Kelly, Kate Halliwell, and Amelia Wedemeyer
Producer: Kaya McMullen

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