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3PAC’s Reaction to Dana White’s Press Conference. Plus, a 2023 Preview!

Ariel, Petesy, and Chuck discuss the UFC President’s recent comments

UFC 282 Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Before diving into a comprehensive preview of the year to come in MMA, Ariel Helwani, Petesy Carroll, and Chuck Mindenhall take to Spotify Live to give their thoughts on Dana White’s press conference yesterday. The guys dissect what he said, how the UFC will treat fighters who commit similar offenses in the future, the media’s botched coverage of this case, and the future of Power Slap League. Then, the guys bring in the good vibes to preview 2023, covering categories like:

• Story lines we’re most excited to follow in 2023 (59:40)
• Fights that we HAVE to see (1:06:35)
• Upcoming prospects to watch out for (1:13:40)
• Male (1:15:12) and female fighter of the year (1:17:24)
• How many new UFC champions we’ll have by the end of the year (1:21:02)
• Bold predictions (1:52:14)

Plus, former UFC public relations director Ant Evans on the White situation (1:32:07) and TST ranks his top five favorite members of the community. Brett K. is not happy about it.

Hosts: Ariel Helwani, Petesy Carroll, and Chuck Mindenhall
Producer: Troy Farkas

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